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On the Verge: Exploring Midlife Adventures in Los Angeles

Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride through the lives of four diverse women in pre-pandemic Los Angeles? On the Verge, a captivating dramedy series on Netflix, delves into the complexities of middle age, love, and career.

The Characters

Meet our leading ladies:

  • Yasmin: Celebrating her birthday, Yasmin grapples with panic attacks. An unexpected encounter leads to an open check.
  • Justine: Existential crisis strikes Justine as she struggles to find inspiration for her writing.
  • Ell: On the hunt for a job, Ell faces life's chaos head-on.
  • Anne: Surprises await Anne as she navigates love and rivalry.


Here's a glimpse into their adventures:

  1. Almost Two Months Ago: Yasmin's panic mode, Justine's existential crisis, and Ell's financial woes.
  2. Viva Italia!: Justine's culinary disaster, mixing up a "Korsika" feast, and a dash of scandal.
  3. The Big Sneeze: Justine's unconventional solution to her lost sense of smell, Yasmin's neighborly complaint, and Anne's surprise.
  4. The Pooping Cat: New love or an elderly cat's scent? Justine and Anne adapt to a new reality.
  5. Followers: Justine boosts her social media strategy, while Yasmin and Anne fret about their kids. Ell tries her hand at "momager" duties.
  6. Things Happened: Justine's fantasy world collides with an urgent school message. Yasmin attends a meeting, and Martin reaches a breaking point.
  7. Being Human: Yasmin keeps a secret, Justine distances herself, and Anne faces off with her competitive mother.
  8. Party Time: Ell and Justine get caught up in celebrity madness. Anne encounters a mysterious man, leaving Yasmin puzzled.
  9. Live: Stressed while writing her book, Justine reaches her limit during a photo shoot. Anne discovers love in an unexpected place, and Ell focuses on family.
  10. Waxing the Mustache: The whole gang reunites at Anne's pool party. Ell creates videos for her masterpiece, Yasmin sneaks off to a date, and Justine encounters a familiar face.
  11. What's Next?: As night falls, tough questions demand answers. Justine's emotions intertwine with food, Yasmin grapples with guilt, and Ell faces the price of fame.
  12. The Beginning of the End: Paintball brings out the killer instincts in two moms.

Join this quartet as they sail through midlife storms, laughter, and unexpected twists. On the Verge is a delightful blend of drama and comedy that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

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