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Sony Xperia 2024 Lineup: RAM Details Leak

March 11, 2024

Sony is gearing up to launch its trio of smartphones for 2024, comprising the Xperia 1 VI (the absolute flagship), the Xperia 5 VI (the compact flagship), and the Xperia 10 VI (the mid-ranger). Today, we've got the inside scoop on the RAM options for each of these devices.

Xperia 1 VI: A Powerhouse with Two RAM Choices

The Xperia 1 VI, positioned as Sony's top-tier offering, will be available in two RAM variants:

  • 12GB RAM: This matches the RAM capacity of its predecessor, the Xperia 1 V.
  • 16GB RAM: An even more generous option, pushing the boundaries for multitasking and performance.

Xperia 5 VI: A Flagship with a Slight RAM Disappointment

The Xperia 5 VI, despite its flagship specifications, comes with a somewhat underwhelming 8GB of RAM. This mirrors the RAM amount found in the Xperia 5 V. For a device aiming high, this choice feels upper-midrange at best in today's competitive smartphone landscape.

Xperia 10 VI: A Mid-Ranger with Dual RAM Configurations

The Xperia 10 VI caters to the mid-range segment and offers two RAM options:

  • 6GB RAM: The entry-level model, suitable for everyday tasks.
  • 8GB RAM: A step up for those seeking smoother performance and better multitasking capabilities.

It's worth noting that the 5 VI's 8GB RAM aligns with the mid-ranger's configuration, which raises eyebrows. Last year, rumors swirled about the Xperia 1 VI's debut at MWC in Barcelona, but the event came and went without any official announcement from Sony. As we await further details, we'll keep you informed on when these smartphones will finally grace the market.

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