News Business Iveco Group to Sell Fire Trucks Unit to German Fund Mutares

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Iveco Group to Sell Fire Trucks Unit to German Fund Mutares

Reuters - March 14, 2024

The Iveco Group, a prominent Italian industrial vehicle manufacturer, has recently made a strategic decision. In a move aimed at streamlining its operations and focusing on core business areas, Iveco has decided to part ways with its fire trucks unit.

Key Details:

  • Transaction: Iveco Group will sell its fire trucks division.
  • Buyer: The buyer is Mutares, a German investment firm.
  • Significance: This divestment allows Iveco to concentrate on its core competencies while providing Mutares with an opportunity to expand its portfolio.


The fire trucks unit, which has been an integral part of Iveco's operations, will now find a new home under Mutares' ownership. This strategic move reflects Iveco's commitment to optimizing its business structure and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Impact and Implications

By divesting the fire trucks division, Iveco aims to enhance operational efficiency and allocate resources more effectively. Meanwhile, Mutares gains access to a specialized segment of the market, potentially leveraging synergies and exploring growth opportunities.


The sale of the fire trucks unit marks a significant milestone for both Iveco and Mutares. As the transaction unfolds, industry observers will closely monitor the impact on both companies and the broader market.

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