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Nagoya Women's Marathon

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Ando Triumphs in Nagoya Women's Marathon

Yuka Ando emerged victorious at the Nagoya Women's Marathon, etching her name in the annals of Japanese distance running history. The prestigious World Athletics Platinum Label road race witnessed a thrilling battle on Sunday (10), as Ando conquered the course with remarkable prowess.

Breaking Barriers

Before this momentous achievement, Ando had completed an impressive ten marathons in her career. Her consistent podium finishes in Nagoya over the years set the stage for this remarkable breakthrough.

A Chilly Start and a Fierce Pack

The race commenced with a brisk chill in the air, temperatures hovering around 5°C. Ando joined forces with fellow Japanese runners, Ayuko Suzuki and Rika Kaseda, forming a formidable leading pack. Alongside them were the reigning 2022 world champion, Gotytom Gebreslase of Ethiopia, and Asian champion Eunice Chebichii Chumba from Bahrain.

Halfway Mark and Tactical Moves

The lead group blazed through the halfway point in 1:09:56, maintaining a blistering pace inside the 2:20 barrier. However, the tempo eased slightly in the second half. Chumba and Gebreslase surged ahead, creating a gap between themselves and the Japanese contenders.

Suzuki began to fade, while Ando and Kaseda fought valiantly to chase down the leaders. Gebreslase eventually dropped out around the 36-kilometer mark, leaving Chumba at the forefront.

Ando's Heroic Finish

At approximately 39 kilometers, Ando bridged the gap to Chumba. Side by side, they battled for supremacy until the final 800 meters. With unwavering determination, Ando surged ahead, crossing the finish line in a remarkable time of 2:21:18.

Chumba secured second place in 2:21:25, while Suzuki achieved a personal best of 2:21:33, rounding off the podium.

Gratitude and Triumph

Ando expressed her joy and gratitude after the race: "There are many people who have helped me reach this point, and I'm filled with gratitude. While I won't be heading to Paris, this victory brings immense happiness. Despite falling behind the lead pack, I focused on moving forward."

Top Results

  1. Yuka Ando (JPN) - 2:21:18
  2. Eunice Chumba (BRN) - 2:21:25
  3. Ayuko Suzuki (JPN) - 2:21:33
  4. Rika Kaseda (JPN) - 2:22:11
  5. Yuyu Xia (CHN) - 2:25:45

Ando's triumph cements her place as the eighth-fastest Japanese marathoner of all time.

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