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Test Your Observation Skills: Find the Different Pig!

By Lucie Meyer

Published on March 11, 2024


In this visual puzzle, your task is to identify the pig that stands out from the rest. Only those with keen observation abilities can spot the different pig in just 15 seconds!

The Challenge

Take a close look at the image below. You'll find six little pigs. Your challenge is to pinpoint the one that is distinct from the others. A skilled observer can accomplish this task in just 15 seconds.

Group of pigs

Observation Tips

Examine the features of all the pigs in the photo. Take your time and observe the image carefully before giving your answer. The solution may not be as obvious as it seems!

The Solution

In this challenge, your mission was to spot the different pig among a group of similar-looking pigs. We've highlighted the unusual black cat in the image below:

Highlighted pig

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