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Canon EOS C500 Mark II Firmware Update: Enhanced Cinema RAW Light Recording

Canon Europe has released a free-of-charge firmware update for the EOS C500 Mark II, further enhancing the camera’s professional functionality. This update introduces three new 12-bit Cinema RAW Light formats: LT (Light), ST (Standard), and HQ (High Quality). Let's dive into the details:

Improved Workflow Flexibility

The firmware update brings 12-bit Cinema RAW Light formats to the EOS C500 Mark II, allowing users to select a scalable range of internal RAW recording data rates. Whether you need higher fidelity or smaller file sizes, these new formats offer flexibility without compromising quality.

Key Features

  • LT (Light): Ideal for efficient storage and faster post-production workflows.
  • ST (Standard): Balances quality and file size, suitable for most shooting scenarios.
  • HQ (High Quality): Maximizes fidelity for critical projects.

EOS C500 Mark II Overview

The EOS C500 Mark II features a 5.9K full-frame sensor, internal RAW recording, interchangeable lens mount, and a highly configurable modular design. Its impressive image quality, extensive connectivity, and compact body make it a popular choice for television and cinematic productions.

Why Cinema RAW Light Matters

Cinema RAW Light continues to evolve, offering advantages over heavily compressed formats, especially during color grading and VFX pipelines. With no chroma subsampling, cinematographers can fully utilize their production camera's capabilities.

Stay tuned for the firmware update, expected to be released by the end of March 2024.

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