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Indie Games Showcase: Xbox Unveils Four Exciting Titles

By Tom Phillips, Editor-in-Chief

Published on April 2, 2024

Nightscape: A Celestial Adventure

Nightscape, developed by Mezan Studios, takes players on a side-scrolling 2.5D journey inspired by ancient Arabic astronomy. As reluctant hero Layla, accompanied by her adorable animal sidekick Goat Kid, you'll explore a world where the stars have fallen to Earth, plunging the night sky into darkness. Layla's quest involves solving environmental puzzles to restore the heavens and harnessing godly powers linked to constellations.

Botany Manor: Cultivating Rare Plants

Botany Manor, created by Balloon Studios, invites players to a cozy puzzle-solving experience. Set within the grounds of a Victorian Somerset stately home, you'll fill a log book with information about rare plants. Deduce clues, uncover potting tips, and even fertilize plants using cider apples. The game draws inspiration from Croft Manor in Tomb Raider games, encouraging players to linger and solve botanical mysteries.

Jump Ship: Co-op Space Adventures

Jump Ship, developed by Keepsake Games, combines spaceship piloting, on-planet exploration, and first-person combat. Picture Sea of Thieves meeting FTL in this ambitious project. Whether you're dogfighting in deep space or extinguishing fires on your ship, Jump Ship promises thrilling co-op gameplay for solo adventurers or groups of up to four.

Still Wakes the Deep: The Chinese Room's Next Masterpiece

Still Wakes the Deep is the long-awaited project from The Chinese Room, known for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Dive into an atmospheric and mysterious underwater world, where secrets lie hidden in the depths. Prepare for an emotional journey as you unravel the story of a sunken civilization.

These indie gems showcase Xbox's commitment to diverse and captivating gaming experiences. Keep an eye out for their releases on Xbox and other platforms!

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