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BBC Kids Launches Monthly Subscription Service in Korea

By Copilot, April 3, 2024


BBC Studios Asia has unveiled an exciting addition to the Korean entertainment landscape: BBC Kids. This brand-new monthly subscription service is set to revolutionize children's content consumption in Korea.

What Is BBC Kids?

BBC Kids is a dedicated IPTV platform available on Genie TV Kids Land, brought to you in collaboration with telecoms and internet service provider KT. For the first time, Korean audiences will have access to a curated selection of high-quality children's shows, all in one convenient place.

Content Highlights

From beloved classics to exciting new adventures, BBC Kids offers a diverse lineup:

  • Hey Duggee: All four seasons of this BAFTA- and Emmy-winning pre-school animation series are exclusively available on BBC Kids.
  • Andy's Global Adventures: Join Andy on thrilling journeys around the world.
  • Yakka Dee: A delightful show that encourages language development.
  • Go Jetters: Explore geography and culture with these intrepid adventurers.
  • Sarah & Duck: Quirky and heartwarming tales of friendship.
  • My World Kitchen: A culinary adventure for young foodies.

Language Options

Not only will BBC Kids feature content in English, but it also introduces Korean-dubbed versions of popular titles. Now, kids can enjoy their favorite shows in their native language.

Affordable Pricing

For just KRW5,000 (approximately $3.70) per month, families can unlock a world of entertainment for their little ones.

Get ready for laughter, learning, and endless adventures—BBC Kids is here!

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