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Port Adelaide's Bold Move: Exiting SANFL for National Reserves Competition

By Will Faulkner | April 3rd, 2024

The Port Adelaide Football Club, with a rich history spanning 155 years in the SANFL, is once again at the forefront of change. Their unwavering commitment to 'equalisation' has led to ambitious plans: bidding farewell to the SANFL and embracing a new era.

The Reserves Exodus

Port Adelaide, backed publicly by rival club the Adelaide Crows and Western Australia's West Coast, is poised to join the ranks of the 14 AFL-listed clubs in a joint competition. The goal? To elevate their reserves side and align with the national stage.

Fremantle's Unique Position

Fremantle, aligned with the proud WAFL club Peel Thunder, stands as the outlier. Their less public profile on the matter leaves room for speculation. Could they too make the leap?

Peel Thunder's Perspective

Peel Thunder's chief executive, Paul Lekias, acknowledges the complexities. "We'd love to be stand-alone," he says, "but hurdles remain." Peel's support for a national competition underscores their commitment to nurturing homegrown talent.

Gather Round: A Pivotal Moment

As all 18 clubs converge in South Australia for the AFL's 'Gather Round' event, the timing couldn't be better. Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows have a platform to voice their desires publicly. Will this historic move reshape the landscape of Australian football?

Is Jack Ginnivan umpired differently? | Speaking on Fox Footy’s Midweek Tackle, the Herald Sun’s Jay Clark provides insight into the thought process of clubs Port Adelaide and Adelaide.

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