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Echo Hub Review: Why I Love Amazon’s New Alexa-Compatible Smart Home Device

By Verity Burns | 02 April 2024


Amazon’s latest addition to the Echo family, the Echo Hub, has revolutionized the way I manage my smart home. As a tech enthusiast, I've explored its features extensively, and here are four compelling reasons why I can't imagine life without it.

1. Visual Control

Previously, controlling my smart home devices via voice commands sufficed when I had just a couple of Echo speakers. However, as my setup grew more complex, the Echo Hub's dedicated visual interface became indispensable. Seeing all my devices at a glance simplifies my setup and maximizes their utility. Customizable widgets allow me to tailor the homescreen to my preferences, making it truly my own.

2. Enhanced Home Security

The Echo Hub provides peace of mind by centralizing home security management. Whether it's arming or disarming the Ring Alarm system, checking my video doorbell feed, or activating routines, the larger display ensures clarity. Now, I can identify visitors more easily and stay vigilant.

3. Wide Device Compatibility

The Echo Hub seamlessly integrates with an extensive range of devices. From Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to Zigbee, Matter, and Thread, it effortlessly syncs with my existing smart lights, locks, cameras, and heating systems. Setting up new devices is a breeze—just ask Alexa to search, and it guides you through the process.

4. The Heart of My Smart Home

The Echo Hub has become the central hub for my smart home. It's where convenience, security, and control converge, allowing me to orchestrate my connected devices effortlessly.

Amazon's Echo Hub is a game changer, simplifying smart home management and enhancing our everyday lives.

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