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Rebel Wilson's Memoir: A Controversial Tell-All

By Nick Bond | April 1, 2024


Rebel Wilson, the Aussie star known for her wit and humor, has recently released her memoir titled Rebel Rising. However, the revelations within its pages have ignited a firestorm of controversy.

The Hurtful Allegations

In her candid book, Wilson reflects on her early career breakthrough as Toula in the cult comedy show Pizza. She describes the atmosphere on set as akin to a "special men's club," where fatphobic jokes were hurled at her. Her role was to be the "big fat whale that got laughs." As her popularity grew, she faced challenges and opportunities, but one encounter with the show's creator, Paul Fenech, left a bitter taste.

Fenech's Response

Paul Fenech, however, vehemently disputes Wilson's claims. He asserts that they provided her with creative freedom, stage training, and global exposure. Fenech questions her gratitude, saying, "We gave her a start, took her around the world, gave her stage training and TV and feature film opportunities. How ungrateful!"

Baron Cohen's Denial

Wilson also takes aim at comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, alleging sexual harassment during the filming of Grimsby. Baron Cohen denies these claims, calling them "demonstrably false" and backed by "extensive detailed evidence."

Adele's Next Move?

As the controversy rages on, Adele, another celebrity mentioned in Wilson's memoir, may soon respond. Wilson reveals that the Pitch Perfect actress believes Adele "hates" her.

Rebel Wilson's memoir has certainly stirred the pot, leaving us wondering what other bombshells lie within its pages.

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