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Dr. Devon Greyson Named 2024 Applied Public Health Chair

Mar 27, 2024

By News Correspondent

UBC’s School of Population and Public Health is proud to announce that Dr. Devon Greyson, an esteemed assistant professor, has been appointed as one of the twelve 2024 Applied Public Health Chairs. This prestigious cohort, now in its fourth iteration, is backed by a substantial $13.8 million investment from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

Championing Public Health Solutions

The Applied Public Health Chairs program, established in 2008, aims to foster evidence-based public health solutions. Dr. Greyson and fellow Chairs will delve into critical areas of public health, addressing pressing challenges faced by Canadians.

Dr. Greyson’s Chair: Building Trustworthy Health Information Systems

Dr. Greyson’s chair, titled “Building Trusted Population Health Information Systems and Interventions,” focuses on overcoming barriers to vaccination. By bridging knowledge gaps related to effective health communication interventions and reliable surveillance systems, the goal is to construct trustworthy public health information systems. These systems will combat the perils of misinformation and enhance vaccination efforts.

Research Impact

Dr. Greyson’s expertise extends beyond academia. As an investigator at the Vaccine Evaluation Center in BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, they contribute significantly to vaccine safety, coverage surveillance, and vaccine communication improvement.

Collaboration and Decision-Making

Working closely with decision-makers both within and outside the public health sector, Dr. Greyson and their team will translate research findings into actionable solutions. Their work promises to shape Canada’s response to critical public health challenges.

Stay tuned for updates as Dr. Greyson’s groundbreaking research unfolds!

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