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Metastatic breast cancer

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Israeli Researchers Use Existing Drugs in New Breast Cancer Therapy

By NoCamels Team, April 03, 2024

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have made a significant breakthrough in breast cancer treatment. Their innovative approach leverages medications already available on the market to combat metastasizing breast cancer. Let's delve into the details:

The Study

Using tissue samples from both American and Israeli patients, the researchers conducted a comprehensive study. They explored the effects of combining existing drugs to hinder the spread of cancer to the bones.

Improving Survival Chances

Metastatic breast cancer often spreads to the bone, affecting more than 75% of patients. The team's findings indicate that this novel therapy can significantly improve survival rates by preventing bone metastasis.

Other Applications

Interestingly, the researchers believe that this treatment approach may extend beyond breast cancer. It could potentially benefit patients with other forms of cancer as well.

Market Availability

The great advantage of this strategy lies in the fact that both drugs used in the combination are already available on the market. Obtaining permits for their use against bone metastasis in humans could be a relatively short process. However, clinical trials are necessary to validate the effectiveness of this therapeutic strategy.

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