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Grandfather's Forgotten SBI Shares Multiply into a Fortune

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Dr. Tanmay Motiwala, a pediatric surgeon in Chandigarh, recently stumbled upon a hidden treasure within his family's assets. While organizing financial holdings, he unearthed old share certificates from the State Bank of India (SBI). What began as a routine task turned into a revelation when Dr. Motiwala realized that his grandfather had made a shrewd investment decision back in 1994.

The Forgotten Investment

Dr. Motiwala's grandfather had purchased SBI shares worth Rs 500 over three decades ago. Remarkably, these shares were never sold, and their existence had slipped from the family's memory over time.

The Astonishing Growth

The enduring power of equity investment came to light as the initial Rs 500 investment had now ballooned into a substantial sum. The SBI shares, long forgotten, are now valued at Rs 3.75 lakh, delivering a remarkable 750x return on investment.

Conversion to Demat Format

Dr. Motiwala converted the family's stock certificates into a demat format with the help of an advisor. Despite the challenges involved, the majority of certificates were successfully modernized.

Future Plans

Dr. Motiwala intends to hold onto these shares, citing no immediate need for cash.


Dr. Motiwala's revelation has sparked discussions on the enduring power of investments and financial literacy. As he aptly puts it, "This is a real investment. We should learn from our elders."

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