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Contaminated Mulch Found at Melbourne Playground

By ABC News

Published 3rd April 2024

Concerns Over Asbestos-Contaminated Mulch

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is currently in contact with a council in Melbourne’s western suburbs after mulch suspected to be contaminated with asbestos was discovered at a local playground.

Community Concerns and Social Media

Community concerns initially surfaced on social media, prompting the EPA's response. A Reddit user shared an image of the mulch, highlighting a "suspicious piece of compound material" at Donald McLean Reserve in Spotswood.

Possible Demolition Building Material

The EPA believes that the mulch may contain demolition building materials. The agency has visited the site and expressed satisfaction with the council's actions.

Free Mulch and Quality Checks

The EPA has conducted inspections over the past five weeks, finding no asbestos in garden mulch from most producers. However, it raised concerns about free mulch advertised on online marketplaces. Recently, a Heathmont resident received free mulch containing building rubble, including asbestos. This incident underscores the importance of obtaining garden mulch from reliable sources with enforced quality checks.

Community Vigilance

Director of Regulatory Services Duncan Pendrigh advises the community to remain vigilant. If an offer seems too good to be true, it's essential to exercise caution and report any suspicions to the EPA.

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