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Logitech MX Brio: A Detailed Review

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Published on April 1, 2024


Logitech, a well-known player in the webcam market, has recently released the MX Brio 4K Webcam. While it promises impressive features, we dive deeper to explore whether it lives up to the hype.

Design and Build

The MX Brio sports a sleek, professional aluminum chassis, available in three colors: pale gray, graphite, and black. Unlike its colorful predecessors, this webcam exudes elegance and seriousness.

The large glass lens features an integrated privacy shutter, a welcome addition for security-conscious users. However, it lacks a lens cover, which would have been useful for protecting the lens during travel.

Image Quality

With a 4K resolution (30fps) and 1080p (60fps) capabilities, the MX Brio delivers decent image quality. Logitech claims that its upgraded sensor provides twice the detail compared to the Brio 4K. However, it falls short of competing with other 4K webcams specifically designed for content creators.

Audio Performance

The built-in dual beamforming microphones offer good sound quality for video calls. While not a replacement for dedicated microphones, they outperform most laptop built-in mics.

Compatibility and Certifications

The MX Brio is certified for popular collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Chromebooks, Google Meet, and Streamlabs. Unfortunately, it lacks compatibility with Windows Hello, a drawback for some users.


The Logitech MX Brio is a solid 4K webcam, but its target audience may not necessarily need 4K capabilities. If you prioritize privacy, audio quality, and a professional design, the MX Brio is worth considering. However, for demanding content creators, other options may better suit your needs.

Disclaimer: This review is based on our expert assessment and testing. Prices and availability are subject to change.

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