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Motor City Machine Guns

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Motor City Machine Guns Rumored to Join AEW

By Wrestling Headlines | April 2, 2024


The Motor City Machine Guns (MCMG), consisting of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, have been a cornerstone of TNA's tag team division for years. Their high-flying, dynamic style has left an indelible mark on wrestling fans.

Contractual Situation

According to PW Insider, MCMG is set to wrestle their final contracted match for TNA on the April 18th episode of TNA Impact. After this match, they will become free agents. The prevailing belief within TNA circles is that the Motor City Machine Guns are bound for AEW.

AEW Bound?

AEW's first-ever Dynasty pay-per-view is scheduled for April 21st in St. Louis, Missouri. Notably, this event features the finals of the tag team title tournament. Could MCMG make their AEW debut during this historic event?

Legacy and Future

MCMG's legacy in TNA includes multiple tag team championships and individual title reigns for both Shelley and Sabin. As they prepare to spread their wings, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await news of their next chapter.

Stay Tuned

Wrestling Headlines will continue to provide updates on the Motor City Machine Guns' future. Keep an eye out for further developments!

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