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Gerard Way's New Horror Comic: Paranoid Gardens

By Justin Carter

Published on March 25, 2024


Since 1994, Gerard Way, the frontman of My Chemical Romance, has dabbled in the world of comics. From collaborating with Gabriel Bá on The Umbrella Academy to co-creating Peni Parker for Marvel, Way has left his mark on the medium. Now, after a three-year hiatus, he returns with a mind-bending new comic series: Paranoid Gardens.

The Premise

Paranoid Gardens is a surreal six-issue horror comic, co-written by Way and his longtime collaborator Shaun Simon. Illustrated by Chris Weston (known for his work on Judge Dredd), the series promises a psychedelic journey that blends Kafkaesque nightmares with sweet Silver Age reveries.

The story revolves around Loo, a nurse at an otherworldly care center. The staff isn't entirely human, and the cases they handle are downright unearthly—aliens, ghosts, and caped heroes recovering from psychotic episodes roam the hallways. But the hospital itself seems to be self-aware, and its very ground is febrile and fertile, coveted by the minions of Mammon.

Loo's Challenge

Loo believes she has a higher calling within this mysterious place. She decides to rise through the ranks, but her path is fraught with obstacles. Corrupt staff members, powerful theme park cults, and her own personal demons stand in her way. As she navigates this bizarre world, Loo must uncover the secrets hidden within the gardens.

Way's Excitement

Gerard Way expresses his excitement about collaborating with Shaun Simon and Chris Weston. Together, they've crafted a visually powerful and emotionally tangible physical object—a comic they've wanted to share for a very long time.

Release Date

Paranoid Gardens debuts on July 17, 2024, promising readers a fix of something more mind-bending and unpredictable than traditional superhero fare.

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