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Sinéad Cusack Joins Cast in West End Revival of "People, Places and Things"

By Fiona Audley | April 03, 2024

Sinéad Cusack, the esteemed Irish actor hailing from Dalkey in Dublin, is set to grace the West End stage once again. She joins the stellar ensemble of the hit National Theatre production People, Places and Things, which is making a triumphant return to the Trafalgar Theatre this May.

Revisiting a Compelling Drama

People, Places and Things delves into the tumultuous life of Emma, a struggling actress whose world spirals out of control. As we encounter Emma in rehab, her journey begins with a stark admission: the problem lies not within herself, but in the chaotic external forces surrounding her.

Star-Studded Lineup

Sinéad Cusack shares the spotlight with fellow talents, including Wexford native Denise Gough. Gough reprises her role as Emma, a character that earned her critical acclaim and an Olivier award in 2016. The production also features Malachi Kirby, Danny Kirrane, and Kevin McMonagle, all under the expert direction of Jeremy Herrin.

Award-Winning Legacy

Denise Gough's portrayal of Emma garnered widespread praise, with critics lauding her performance as "extraordinary," "ingenious," and "stunning." The play originally premiered at the National Theatre in 2015, where Gough's career-defining acting left an indelible mark.

Stage Design and On-Stage Seating

Returning to the production, set designer Bunny Christie plans to recreate her mesmerizing "cabinet-of-curiosities" stage, complete with on-stage seating. The immersive experience promises to captivate audiences once more.

Book Your Tickets

People, Places and Things runs at the Trafalgar Theatre from May 3 until August 10. Secure your seats now, with ticket prices starting at £20.

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