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From Micra to Mini Camper: A Father's Ingenious Solution

By Ellie Kemp

Published on April 4, 2024


Joshua Weber, a freight train mechanic and father, faced a dilemma. His oversized knee caps made long hikes painful, limiting his ability to explore the great outdoors. But Joshua found an affordable and creative solution: he converted his 2012 Nissan Micra into a self-sufficient off-road camper, complete with a pull-out bed and a fridge.

The Micra Transformation

Joshua invested around £8,500 in modifying his Micra. The unconventional off-roader now allows him to reach remote parts of the UK, where he can immerse himself in nature without the strain on his knees.

Features of the Micra Camper

  • Full-Size Pull-Out Bed: The Micra's compact interior conceals a comfortable bed, perfect for Joshua's camping adventures.
  • Fridge: No need to sacrifice cold drinks or fresh food. The Micra's fridge keeps everything chilled.
  • Stove: Joshua can cook meals on the go, enjoying hot food even in the wilderness.

Exploring the Cotswolds

Last year, Joshua spent a week in his micro home, exploring the picturesque Cotswolds. His camper build proved successful during test drives on rocky terrain in the Lake District.

Future Adventures

Although the 2021 Mongol Rally was canceled due to Covid and the war in Ukraine, Joshua's Micra remains his trusty companion. He now plans a trip to Europe, proving that sometimes the best adventures come from unexpected solutions.


Joshua's Micra is more than a car; it's a gateway to adventure. With its bed, fridge, and off-road capabilities, this mini camper exemplifies resourcefulness and determination.

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