News Sci/Tech Gilmour Space Prepares Historic Rocket Launch from Bowen, Queensland

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Gilmour Space Prepares Historic Rocket Launch from Bowen, Queensland

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Published on April 4, 2024


Gilmour Space Technologies, an Australian company, is on the cusp of a historic achievement: launching its locally built rocket, Eris, into orbit from Bowen, Queensland. This milestone not only propels Australia into the space age but also signifies a major leap forward for the nation's space industry.

The Eris Rocket

Eris, an unmanned rocket, has been meticulously assembled and is now awaiting its maiden orbital launch. Weighing over 30 tonnes and measuring 25 meters, this Australian-made vessel is designed to carry satellites into space. Its hybrid propulsion system combines the safety of solid fuel with the precision control of liquid fuel systems, promising cost-effectiveness and enhanced mission flexibility.

Investment and Confidence

Gilmour Space Technologies recently secured a $55 million funding boost from investors, including Queensland Investment Corporation, Blackbird, Main Sequence, HostPlus, and HESTA. This financial injection ensures that the company can make at least four launch attempts, with the first trials expected in the coming months.

Path to Orbit

As the countdown to launch begins, nerves are palpable among the project crew members. Gilmour Space aims to send Eris into low Earth orbit, carrying payloads of up to 305 kilograms. If successful, this achievement will position Australia as a key player in the global space market.


With approvals pending from the Australian Space Agency, Gilmour Space Technologies is poised to make history. As the countdown clock ticks, anticipation builds, and the dream of Australian rockets reaching orbit becomes a reality.

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